Jeju Island is a great place to get away from the stresses of the everyday work environment. It is a place for relaxation and romance. With a variety of American-styled corporate events and training programs, we can help bridge the cultural divides, as well as bring a little bit of home to employees working abroad in the relaxing atmosphere of the island.



If you are looking for some do's and don'ts for doing business in South Korea, if you were to review the main South Korean page, you would find some interesting tidbits. These will help you connect with your local associates and enhance your prospects.

bridge the cultural gap to south korea



team building


We help your teams remove the borders that separate them from one another. We help them bridge the cultural divides and work together toward common goals.

meetings and incentives


We can entertain your celebratory getaways to exotic destinations throughout Asia. There are rewards for achieving goals that are quite worthwhile!

business consulting


We provide a variety of business consulting services to better identify the causes of problems to root out the difficulties and come up with innovative ways to enhance the culture and processes that will enable your company to become stronger.

corporate event


We can provide improv comedy, game shows, magic shows, and murder mystery dinners to entertain your company party for milestone events that will help your employees bond and feel appreciated.

private parties


For families and friends getting together, we have private party entertainment that can help make your special occasions even more special. We consult with you to come up with the best options for your group.

keynote speaker


We can bring a wide range of keynote speakers to liven up your events and to help bring to light subjects that you would like to address. These can be experts, people who have experienced amazing adventures, authors, or comedic characters.

A Bonding Workshop is a great way to bring employees together and get them to see each other as individuals rather than job titles. These workshops can be used to teach a variety of other lessons including presentation skills, sales, communication, electronic communication, conflict resolution, and mental agility. Ask us today how a bonding workshop can help you accomplish your goals!

Consult with us to better determine how to achieve your corporate goals without anyone knowing that you are doing anything other than providing entertainment. Our Murder Mystery Dinner Shows, Game Shows, Teambuilding Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, or Improv Comedy Shows can all be used for bonding your employees to provide team buliding throughout the area. The area is known for the natural beauty of Hallim Park, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, the Bijarim Forest, the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, the Manjanggul Caves, Jeongbang Waterfall, Sangumburi Crater, Yongmeori Beach, and so many other locations. There are several museums, including Hello Kitty Island, and inspiring locations like Eco Land Theme Park and The Glass Castle. There is never a lack of places to bring people together with fun and laughter. It is our goal to help our clients while facilitating understanding between our clients and their South Korean partners and employees.

food venue

We do not have our own venues. We come to any restaurant, hotel, resort, yacht, club, or home. We can work with groups of any size in whatever location you want. Some of the great locations include DonNaeKo Hill Spa Resort, Grand Hyatt, Healthcare Town Resort, Lotte City Hotel, The Qube resort Seogwipo, The Shilla, The Toscana, UTS Golf Village, and numerous others. The specific location may impact the cost and we will discuss this with you.

We can now consult for our clients throughout the peninsula, though there may be legal hurdles in some locations. These should not prove that difficult to surmount. And, obviously, we do not serve further to the north. Hiring THEY improv allows the best that the US has to offer for our American multi-national companies working within South Korea and to help companies understand and respect the cultural differences of their hosts. This allows for familiar programs to be brought to their locations at potentially a fraction of the cost of some other more expensive options while saving very costly situations that a cultural faux pas may cause.

We lead the way, providing murder mystery shows to get people to bond as they work together in groups, solving a series of problems. By doing so, they develop relationships with coworkers while determining the culprit. We have versions with our actors, and others using your executives as the suspects. This can also be done virtually to allow interrogations to occur overseas and in several locations at the same time. Contact us to determine how we can help you to bond your employees and partners without them even knowing! Likewise, we have mysteries that do not involve a murder.


We can help to get to know the city better by having participants search the area in a scavenger hunt. These low-tech adventures get teams collaborating while disovering interesting things and taking photographs of tourist locations. This can be done in different areas depending on your desire and every scavenger hunt is customized to the group and to the locations, including changes that might occur just a few days before the event.

jeju island scavenger hunt

Improvisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group. Catching the lightning in a bottle, you experience moments that can never be repeated because everything is made up in the moment. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun. We are quite congnizant of the need to maintain the dignity of your employees and executives during the process. Simply put, we make them look like stars!

Game shows invite your group to participate more directly through actually coming up on stage, and being put through TV Show-styled game shows to compete for not-very-expensive prizes (we wouldn't want anyone unhappy that they didn't win). This includes many of television's more popular shows along with more customized shows for your group. Truth Be Told is an offshoot of a popular import. This involves your people defending statements about their past which may or may not be true. Trivia Nights, similar to the popular pub games, gets teams to bond with one another and find out more about their coworkers outside of work. Our Audience Olympiads splits your group into two or three teams and have them compete in simple and fun feats of bravado. This can be Human Horseshoes or Face the Cookie, as examples. And if you don't know what those are, we look forward to a fun conversation!


WE CARE FOR YOU! We care for you and your guests. We will discuss your desires for safety measures regarding Covid-19 and want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we are looking out for you, our client.

If you want to have a high-quality show for your friends and family, we can help you with unique performance options. These can give you a private party that your guests will remember! Talk to us and we can come up with ideas that you may never have been able to think of.

Jeju Island is a getaway from the urban sprawls and stress of the city. The beaches are beautiful, the resorts are peaceful and the service is amazing. There is amazing food, great shopping and wonderful spaces to reflect in relative peace and calm. Simply reach out to find out how we can help your Jeju Island corporate event succeed beyond your expectations!

We serve Jeju Island with Team Building options to enhance employees through our processes. This includes the entire area. We can bring the entertainment to your group rather than you having to come to us. Let us bond employees to reduce turnover while bridging the cultural divides between transplanted workers and local hires. Simply contact us to find out how we can help!


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.

Some of Our Clients

Our clients include a Who's Who of international business and feature major players including over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients whose companies have been improved by hiring THEY improv to enhance their businesses with our programs.



The economic and cultural center for the country, we are happy to entertain corporate clients and private parties of all types while building teams.



A major industrial center with plenty of venues for corporate events, we are happy to help entertain major banquets and build teams.



We are proud to serve those who serve those who serve. We can come onto bases or entertain throughout the area.

jeju island


The Korean answer to a romantic island getaway, Jeju Island is a wonderful place to get away from it all, if only for a weekend!