THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows, and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for their clients throughout Asia.

Because we often cross borders and are a US based company, this raises questions. We created this page to try to help explain the process.

THEY improv is a leading provider of corporate events, private parties, and banquets. We provide entertainment as well as business consulting through team building workshops, bonding activities, and skills training throughout the US. Many of our clients are multi-national companies, and look to work with us abroad. We created this website to help facilitate such shows.

We Work With You!
First, it's important to understand how we operate. We consult with your group to find out what you need and to provide you with an approach that will work. Next we do a lot of going back and forth with your group, the venue and lastly the performers for your event. This means that a good part of your event is actually being executed in the United States.

working together

You will be contracting with a US entity for the purpose of the event, and then we will be hiring local contractors to perform the actual event. That is a separate transaction from your hiring our group. There are some circumstances that we might use personnel that are not local. This may need some documentation and other procedures for the production. If your company has the means to assist in the process, it could reduce the cost to your company. Just let us know.

For US territories, Embassies and bases, we would most likely use an American cast for your event. While this makes travel more of an issue, documentation and security issues go away. We have worked with all branches of the military and are registered for the System for Award Management (SAMs) Database. This makes working with our group much easier.

We understand the cultural differences between the US and the countries that we may engage in for performing either a show or a team building event. We will consult with you, the client, on your concerns about content and work to make sure that your concerns are addressed and taken care of. We greatly respect all faiths and have every intention of operating within the bounds of propriety. If you are concerned, please simply ask.


Operating at 50-50

We operate as a 50/50 entity. Due to the international nature of the transaction, trying to collect after the fact is made very difficult, and is not a possibility. We have a sterling reputation. The damage to our reputation for not performing and then attempting to keep the money, would be far greater than our fee would be worth.

Deposit of 50% at Time of Contracting

The first half is due with the contract. We can accommodate your needs for most currencies though we will have to adjust to allow the conversion to one of our more standard currencies. This can include the US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar or British Pound. We can handle most electronic transactions or others as you prefer.

Final Payment 15 Days Prior to Event

Similarly, the final payment is due 15 days prior to an event. If you cancel an event with less than 72 hours warning, the full payment is considered due, whether this payment has already been paid or not. Remember, there are very real expenses that we undertake to make your event happen that can not be recouped. We try to be as accommodating as we can and often will adjust these terms in favor of our clients, but that is through our largess.

The best way to find out about your Asia corporate event, banquet or private party is to simply reach out and talk to us. Every corporate event and private party is custom tailored to the group we are working for. Thus a quick conversation helps to get you set up and make your vision for your corporate event, banquet, or private party a reality. Whether a murder mystery dinner, a family or company game show, an improv comedy performance, team building, or other efforts, contact us using the information below. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


We Can Literally Speak Your Language



Most of THEY improv events are conducted in English. English tends to be the shared common language of our clients, though we may need to make some adjustments for varying cultures and backgrounds. Pop culture, for instance, might not be as shared. We will be happy to discuss your needs and adjust.



We can operate corporate events in a bilingual environment. Let us know your concerns and we will adapt our approach to address your needs in our program. We will go over rates and fees and determine the best approach.



We do have facilitators from all over the world who can operate for your group remotely or in-person in a variety of languages. Simply reach out and ask and we can work on developing options for your needs.

When booking THEY improv for your event in Asia, the following process is generally followed regardless of which country you are using for your event:

  1. DISCUSSION - We discuss your event to understand the basics and to make suggestions to clarify. To begin, you should provide an idea of the date for the event, what country and city you will be holding the event, the venue, and the size of your group. We will then provide a rough assessment of technical concerns such as sound and lighting. We will also ask about your desired results and challenges you are facing.
  2. AN ESTIMATE - A rough cost-assessment with options will be provided. This may be in the form of a simple email outlining options for a potential event along with the costs associated with each option. These will be estimates. They may change over time as the event date approaches. They may also change if you move the date or alter other details for your event.
  3. PROPOSAL - Once we receive feedback and if you choose to move forward, a proposal will be supplied. This will include details in contract form allowing for the contracting of our services. The cover letter will include the time-frame allotted for client approval of the contract. A signed contract is to be returned with a 50% deposit for the event. An accommodation is made for our governmental clients according to appropriate appropriations policies. Depending on the form of event, a portion or all of the deposit may be refundable up to 30 days prior to the event date.
  4. DOCUMENTATION - If you need additional documentation or other clarifications, we work with your staff or vendors to determine the needs and provide the required documentation.
  5. CLARIFICATIONS - Upon receipt of contract and deposit, a conversation about event details will occur allowing clarification of any outstanding issues.
  6. FINAL PAYMENT - The final payment is due two-weeks prior to the event. Again, for government agencies, universities, and other large organizations, we work within your AP policies as best as can be accommodated. All expenses for the event are required to be paid in advance when possible.
  7. FINAL CONVERSATION - Before the event, a final conversation will occur making certain that all details are in place and that any last-minute needs are attended to. This will include a call-time, which is a set period of time prior to the beginning of the event for our staff to arrive. This allows for any emergency contingency issues to be resolved (vehicular difficulties, illness, etc.). This conversation will usually include the facilitators for your event to allow you to become familiar and exchange contact information.
  8. FOLLOW-UP - We try not to overburden you with surveys, etc. after the fact. We are always open to discuss your event afterwards to make certain that you were happy. We work hard to make certain you were satisfied with the results while not wanting to harm the results making the follow-up burdensome.

We serve the entire continent including all of the major urban centers including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Negoya and Yokohama in Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau and Sanya in China, Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, Manilla in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei in Southeast Asia, Taipei in Taiwan, Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island in South Korea, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad in India, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel, and Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as practically anywhere else you can think of. All the ports, business centers and tourist destinations throughout Asia are accessible by our facilitators for team building, entertainment and training programs.


We service the entire continent from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.



Many US companies continue to grow one of our most productive relationships in the region. We understand the needs for local entertainment for Americans operating in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama. We help bring together Japanese and American business interests.



While the government of China has many restrictions and legal hoops to jump through, the companies that operate In Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Hong Kong and Macau find great business opportunities. The employees can feel isolated and we work to alleviate their longing for home.

southeast asia


The countries of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia in Jakarta, Vietnam, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Thailand in Bangkok, Singapore, Brunai, and The Philippines, are filled with wonderful destinations for meetings & incentives events and hard-working people looking for opportunities.



India is a powerhouse that is on the move. Not only have they renamed Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to Chennai, and Bangalore to Bengaluru, Delhi dropped the New and Hyderabad has emerged as a major center for tech companies to operate.

south korea


America has long had a close relationship with the southern half of the peninsula. We work with the US military bases as well as multi-national companies to enhance their relationships and improve morale.



The companies that operate on the island are given to more stress due to the precarious nature of international tensions. Having a bit of escapist fun in Taipei or elsewhere can relieve that tension and allow the employees to concentrate on other things.

Some of Our Clients

Our clients include a Who's Who of international business and feature major players including over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients whose companies have been improved by hiring THEY improv to enhance their businesses with our programs.