THEY improv now operates throughout India to provide team building on behalf of our clients. With a variety of American-styled corporate events and training programs, we can help bridge the cultural divides, as well as bring a little bit of home to employees working abroad in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi or wherever else they might be operating.



While the people of the United States and India may grow up in vastly different circumstances, the reality is that the things we have in common far outnumber the things that keep us apart. We help to see the best in one another. Regognizing ourselves in those we work with, we bridge the cultural divide and create a safe and friendly work environment.

bridge the cultural gap gangavali river



team building


We help your teams remove the borders that separate them from one another. We help them bridge the cultural divides and work together toward common goals.

meetings and incentives


We can entertain your celebratory getaways to exotic destinations throughout Asia. There are rewards for achieving goals that are quite worthwhile!

business consulting


We provide a variety of business consulting services to better identify the causes of problems to root out the difficulties and come up with innovative ways to enhance the culture and processes that will enable your company to become stronger.

corporate event


We can provide improv comedy, game shows, magic shows, and murder mystery dinners to entertain your company party for milestone events that will help your employees bond and feel appreciated.

private parties


For families and friends getting together, we have private party entertainment that can help make your special occasions even more special. We consult with you to come up with the best options for your group.

keynote speaker


We can bring a wide range of keynote speakers to liven up your events and to help bring to light subjects that you would like to address. These can be experts, people who have experienced amazing adventures, authors, or comedic characters.

A Bonding Workshop is a great way to bring employees together and get them to see each other as individuals rather than job titles. These workshops can be used to teach a variety of other lessons including presentation skills, sales, communication, electronic communication, conflict resolution, and mental agility. Ask us today how a bonding workshop can help you accomplish your goals!

Consult with us to better determine how to achieve your corporate goals without anyone knowing that you are doing anything other than providing entertainment. Our Murder Mystery Dinner Shows, Game Shows, Teambuilding Workshops, Scavenger Hunts, or Improv Comedy Shows can all be used for bonding your employees to provide team buliding throughout the country. We can serve Mumbai, Agra, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Darjeeling, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Manali, Munnar, Mysore, Ooty, Shimla, Surat, Udaipur, Varanasi, Varkala, and elsewhere with the goal of bringing people together. Some of the cities may cost more as it will involve travel. It is our goal to help our clients while facilitating understanding between our clients and their Indian partners and employees.

food venue

We do not have our own venues. We come to any restaurant, hotel, resort, cruise ship, club, or home. We can work with groups of any size in whatever location you want. The specific location may impact the cost and we will discuss this with you.

We can now consult for our clients throughout Southern Asia, though there may be legal hurdles in some locations. These should not prove that difficult to surmount. Hiring THEY improv allows the best that the US has to offer for our American multi-national companies working within India and to help companies understand and respect the cultural differences of their hosts. This allows for familiar programs to be brought to their locations at potentially a fraction of the cost of some other more expensive options while saving very costly situations that a cultural faux pas may cause.

We lead the way, providing murder mystery shows to get people to bond as they work together in groups, solving a series of problems. By doing so, they develop relationships with coworkers while determining the culprit. We have versions with our actors, and others using your executives as the suspects. This can also be done virtually to allow interrogations to occur overseas and in several locations at the same time. Contact us to determine how we can help you to bond your employees and partners without them even knowing! Likewise, we have mysteries that do not involve a murder.



Never Show Disrespect

Seniority and age are important. Always show respect. This can include not sitting higher than someone with more authority. If they sit on the floor, then sit on the floor.

Do Not Use the Left Hand

Whether you are serving food, eating with your hands, or whatever, the left hand is considered to be somewhat unclean. Yes, wash it. Still, don't serve with it or eat with it. It is considered unclean and improper.


Don't Be Upset at Tardiness

Punctuality is not as important. Generally, this is different for business meetings, but be prepared to wait and not get upset at the seeming insult of someone being late.

Physicality No-Nos

Feet are considered to be the most unclean. Pointing the soles of the feet at people is weird to think of, but can be insulting. Don't touch the top of someone's head. It is considered to be the most important part of the body. Don't wear leather or touch people with something that has touched leather, products from a pig, or alcohol. You never know what someone's beliefs are, so respect them all!

Improvisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group. Catching the lightning in a bottle, you experience moments that can never be repeated because everything is made up in the moment. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun. We are quite congnizant of the need to maintain the dignity of your employees and executives during the process. Simply put, we make them look like stars!

Game shows invite your group to participate more directly through actually coming up on stage, and being put through TV Show-styled game shows to compete for not-very-expensive prizes (we wouldn't want anyone unhappy that they didn't win). This includes many of television's more popular shows along with more customized shows for your group. Truth Be Told is an offshoot of a popular import. This involves your people defending statements about their past which may or may not be true. Trivia Nights, similar to the popular pub games, gets teams to bond with one another and find out more about their coworkers outside of work. Our Audience Olympiads splits your group into two or three teams and have them compete in simple and fun feats of bravado. This can be Human Horseshoes or Face the Cookie, as examples. And if you don't know what those are, we look forward to a fun conversation!


WE CARE FOR YOU! We care for you and your guests. We will discuss your desires for safety measures regarding Covid-19 and want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we are looking out for you, our client.

If you want to have a high-quality show for your friends and family, we can help you with unique performance options. These can give you a private party that your guests will remember! Talk to us and we can come up with ideas that you may never have been able to think of.

The Indian people are the caretakers of an ancient civilization that far predates our own. Attempts by Americans to pass judgment on their customs are seen as pretentious, to say the least. It is a huge country, with many differences in society and culture as you travel. You should never feel that you understand the country and should always remain curious to learn more. Each part of the country has their own nuances. Because we mostly work with American companies operating in India, we tend to operate in the larger cities. Even more confusing for Americans has been the renaming of many cities. Mumbai used to be Bombay. Bengaluru used to be Bangalore. Chennai used to be Madras. Kolkata used to be Calcutta. Delhi dropped the New. Hyderabad may be renamed Bhagyanagaram. Some people may refer to a city by its old name, and others may choose a different name altogether. The main thing is to remain flexible and adapt to circumstances.


We Can Literally Speak Your Language



Most of THEY improv events are conducted in English. English tends to be the shared common language of our clients, though we may need to make some adjustments for varying cultures and backgrounds. Pop culture, for instance, might not be as shared. We will be happy to discuss your needs and adjust. It is often a common language for people doing business in India.



We can operate corporate events in a bilingual environment. Let us know your concerns and we will adapt our approach to address your needs in our program. This will likely be one of many languages spoken throughout the country. We will go over rates and fees and determine the best approach.



We do have facilitators from all over the world who can operate for your group remotely or in-person in a variety of languages. Simply reach out and ask and we can work on developing options for your needs.



Formerly Bombay, the city is a major hub for international business and commerce. A lot of American companies have a presence here and need to bridge the cultural divide.



The National Capital Territory (NCT) includes the capital of New Delhi along with major population centers making it the largest Metropolitan Area in the country.



Formerly Bangalore, the city is a major source for IT businesses that work world-wide. Though Kannada is the official language, much of business is conducted in English.



Formerly Madras, The Gateway of South India is a major economic hub with a broad range of Fortune 500 Companies operating here. We can help smooth operations for the international clientele.



The city is a major location for IT services and companies working for support. There is also major growth in the automobile industry.



Formerly Calcutta, the city has a great history and many tourist attractions. There has been a lot of recent growth in the IT industry to help revitalize the economy.

We serve India with Team Building options to enhance employees through our processes. This includes Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and all the other areas of the country, though with the costs of travel required. Our goals are to bond employees, to help reduce employee turnover by improving working conditions of those operating far from home, and to bridge the cultural divides between transplanted workers and local hires. Simply contact us to find out how we can help!


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.

These are some useful links for sites that can help you with your business in the country.

Government Website
Ministry of Tourism Website
Chamber of Commerce

Some of Our Clients

Our clients include a Who's Who of international business and feature major players including over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients whose companies have been improved by hiring THEY improv to enhance their businesses with our programs.